The Big Finish

“In a funny, insightful, and life-affirming debut”

Meet Duffy, an old curmudgeon who lives in an assisted living home. Meet Josie, a desperate young woman who climbs through his window. Together, they’re going to learn it’s never too late— or too early—to change your ways.

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Bragging is rude unless somebody else does it for you.


Fossey writes about life in assisted living with eyes wide open – people die, people leave for nursing homes and people need increasing levels of care. And she describes clearly the difficulties and temptations of...

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Kirkus Review

“A moving, funny, and ultimately hopeful look at what makes life meaningful.”

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Publisher’s Weekly

Starred Review: “Delightful debut…A completely logical yet somehow unexpected ending will leave readers smiling—and looking forward to Fossey’s next effort.”

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Brooke Fossey

Current Motto: Life’s Funny. (Subject to change.)

Brooke Fossey was once an aerospace engineer with a secret clearance before she traded it all in for motherhood and writing. She’s a past president and an honorary lifetime member of DFW Writers’ Workshop. Her work can be found in numerous publications, including Ruminate Magazine and SmokeLong Quarterly. Her debut novel, THE BIG FINISH is forthcoming in 2020 from Penguin/Berkley (US), and Piper/Pendo (DE). When she’s not writing, you can find her in Dallas, Texas with her husband, four kids, and their dog Rufus. She still occasionally does math.

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“Things don’t go rotten unless they’re good first. Otherwise, how would you know the difference?”